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Historic Sierra Nevada House


photo courtesy of our Sous Chef Stanton Nareau

On December 14, 2015 Sierra Nevada House was dealt a devastating blow in the form of fire. We cannot adequately express our thanks to the firefighters (sixty of them!) who worked so hard to save what they could and keep the fire from spreading. Unfortunately, even with the valiant efforts of the firefighters, the fire still destroyed the majority of the main building.

We also want to thank the truly incredible community of Coloma-Lotus for their amazing outreach, concern, offers of help, and the incredibly generous fundraising effort that came together in literally 24 hours to help our employees get through this tough time. As overwhelmed as we are by the catastrophe, we are equally overwhelmed by the love and generosity of this awesome community.

Lastly, we want to thank the staff for all of their hard work over the last four years. If we had succeeded to any degree, it was in large part because of them.


Keith & Kristi



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Nestled along the quiet banks of the American River in the beautiful foothills of the California Gold Country lies our 19th century Lodge, Inn, Restaurant, and Bar. Our staff is committed to providing each and every visitor with a wonderful experience in one of the most beautiful natural settings in all of California. American River sunsetWhether you rise with the sun and head out for an active day in the outdoors, or sleep in and pursue a more relaxed agenda, Sierra Nevada House offers a uniquely flexible appeal for the adventurous and restful traveler alike. Choose your adventure: head out (alone or with an expert guide) to explore the surrounding wilderness and countryside via hiking trail, mountain bike trail, or class II and III whitewater. Cover more ground in the car and visit an array of accomplished local wineries, investigate nearby historical sites, or enjoy the wildflower trimmed bends of the beautiful country roads leading to and from the lodge. Whatever you choose, at the end of the day you can return to the country charm of the lodge and relax into the evening with a cocktail and a delicious meal in one of our indoor or outdoor dining rooms.